Travelling and adventures

  • To travel is to take a journey into yourself”

    Holidays were coming and it was time to chill out. Everyone were going home but I decided to stay in Spain. It wasn’t so easy decision, but as my friends were coming from Croatia to visit me it meant a lot. After all intensive days of a work, volunteering with a kids, adapting to Spain, I  just had to stop for a moment and think about everything that happened. So I went with my very good German friend to Granada. High temperatures, sunny time every day… after cold and rainy Madrid, Granada seemed like a heaven to us. Beautiful Alhambra, city marked with influence of Arabic history, beautiful sightseeing’s, amazing views from the high viewpoints, big gardens which bring you peace…It was incredible…Like heaven on the earth. Also as Granada is not so big city as Madrid, people are living much slower rhythm and there is no stress. Presenting the miracle of Granada just by words for me is impossible, so I advise you to go there once in your life. But let’s get back to my point. I put this title not just as a nice quote, but more as a short resume of my journey to Granada. I think I went there to find peace, to get rest and just enjoy the life. And I did, but in one moment I realized something important for my life and I dare to say life in general. As I said, Granada is a beautiful place but you can’t walk just like in a park, you need to climb a lot to visit some building or even a garden… If you want to see Granada prepare yourself to go uphill most of the time. And sometimes with these high temperatures it wasn’t easy. But every time when we would come to some high point we would say “woooow! what a view!!!” And then we would climb a bit more and  there were no more words to describe what we saw or how we felt. It was absolutely amazing!!! We had that kind of experience every day. The last day we went to see the Sacromonte for which we again had to climb a lot. When we came the view was: mountains with the snow in the distance, sun on the sky and in the valley beautiful gardens. In that moment I said to myself: that’s life!!!! Most of the time you need to climb a lot, and it is hard and you think you can’t do it and you want to give up. But then in one moment you come to the amazing “viewpoint” of your life and you say: “wow, it was worth every step I made”. So folks, this journey helped me to go into myself, but more then that it taught me what life is about!! I wish you lot’s of amazing life “viewpoints”! Have a nice day.

  • Home sweet home!

    Maybe you never went away for a long time from your home, but I am sure that even the short journeys make you feel homesick sometimes. Maybe the hotel bed is not perfect, or food is different than the one your mother used to make or it’s just that everything is different than your home. I believe that this quote “home sweet home” was the result of some similar homesick experience. Well in this year of our lives, even though we are enjoying and learning a lot, sometimes we just miss our homes. We never thought about it, but somehow when you are far for a long time you miss even this small things that you never appreciated when you were at home. But more than a things, you miss your family, your friends.. You miss your HOME. Maybe it sounds a bit strange to you, but it’s not easy to change your life for 180⁰ and not  feel homesick. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an essay about being nostalgic. I am writing you this just as an introduction for Monika’s journey to Poland-her sweet home. During the holidays season everyone are staying with their families, enjoying this Easter-spring atmosphere and staying alone in another country is not the best feeling you can have in that time… So, Monika decided to go to Poland.  Even the journey was quite long, it was worth to see the happy faces of her parents and sisters. In these moments Monika realized the next: “ When you go out of your home you realize what is your home and where do you belong. You realize how important is your family and finally you start appreciate the small things of your life in your country. I think this journey made me new. And by saying that I mean new attitudes, more gratefulness for everything I have and everything I am. And new because of more energy, peace and feeling relaxed. Now I am more than ready to live fully the two months left of my Spanish adventure.…”

  • La Latina Adventure

On a beuatiful Sunday day of March  we decided to visit La Latina – popular touristic area in Madrid. As Monika really enjoys searching for old things, with a sweet details from romanticism, we went to El Rastro – the most popular open air flea market in Madrid. There you can find a great variety of products (new and used). There was a loooooooots of people, in a small but very long streets,  so for me it wasn’t  relaxing walk. I realized that was nice to see it but now I know that I am not “rastro fan”. But anyway we stayed there till the lunch time hoping to find some old Jane Austen book or some antique jewllery… Monika really enjoyed it and she became thruly fan. I think she is coming back soon 🙂 After such a long walk and sightseeing we decided to have lunch together…Hoping that finally we are going to have some calm and nice afternoon, we went to an restaurant, b ut my theory was wrong. In the middle of lunch,( we ate delicious paella and croquetas) one guy came to sell jewellery and as we said NO ( I am still schocked but it really happened) he started  taking our food and our drinks,  even though we were trying to stop him… At the end we weren’t hungry anymore so we got out from La Latina to Paseo de Prado where we’ve found a nice coffee shop with really good ( and cheap) coffee… Oh and waiters were really kind 😉 So, at the end it wasn’t so bad… Good company and cup of coffee made our day  🙂

El Rastro



  • Portugal (Lisbon, Sintra)

From the 12. – 19. of April 2014 (our easter holidays) we travelled one week to Portugal. On Saturday we took the plane at 4 o´clock pm. We immediately found our hostel which was perfect located in “Avenida de Libtertade”. On Sunday we began the morning with a free tour in english which was great. The next days we had a tight plan. Our guide splitted the city in 4 sections and every day we did one. We didn´t use any public transport so we were pretty exhausted. On Friday we organised a trip to Sintra one of the most beautiful cities we have ever seen. (Check out the photos). All in all we had a wonderful, great organised week in Lisbon. Our favorite area was Alfama and the food there is delicious, don´t forget to try “pasteis de belem”. mhhhhmmmmh ….  🙂




  • Andalucía (Sevilla-Malaga-Granada)

After christmas holidays we were told to have our “Midterm evaluacion” in March in Malaga. Immediately we decided to combine it with a little trip to Sevilla and Granda which was a great decision. We had a great time with sunshine, rain and a lot of new people. Our favorite city: Sevilla

21.-24. March 2014 – Sevilla

24.-28. March 2014 – Malaga (Mollina)

28.-30. March 2014 – Granada

  • Cercedilla – Segovia

At the end of octuber we had our “Arrival training” in a little village close to Madrid called Cercedilla. It was a interesting but unfortunately also a rainy week. The tutors explained us a lot about the EVS and we also got to know a lot of nice people from all over Europe.


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