Being a volunteer

Palacio Real

Palacio Real

As a volunteer of the European Voluntary Service you are going to live for a long time in a foreign country which means you are going to get to know it very good.  Use the time and travel as much as you can. There are a lot of great offers for volunteers to travel cheap (discounts with the eruopean voluntary card, blablacar, cheap hostels etc.)

A few time ago we realized that we travelled a lot but forgot to do some sightseeing in Madrid, the city we live. So yesterday we decided to do a free tour which was great.

Use the great oppurtunity and become a volunteer!

European Voluntary Service

Hello everybody,


time is flying and our project is coming to an end. In two months we are going to fly back to our home countries.

If you are intrested to participate in an EVS project you should not wait and apply.

In the following link you can find a list of organisations which have been accredited to run projects.


Don´t waste time and start to apply!




Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal


On Saturday we came back from our journey to Lisbon. We had a great week with sunshine, pastries, sightseeing and really nice people. You will find more pictures and information in our “Travelling” section soon. Don’t miss it 🙂


Susi & Emanuela

“Spanish class”

Every Wednesday we have spanish class, but in a different way. Due to the fact that we know the spanish grammer, reading, understanding we try to SPEAK as much as possible. So we go with our spanish teacher Nuria to have a coffe, to a museum, to a park and we speak and speak and speak 🙂 Today we met in a really nice Café.

P.s. Emanuela speaks nearly perfect!