Our project

Begin: 1th of September

End: End of July


Our project takes place in Madrid,  in a foundation called Fundación Senara.

In the morning we  work in their office, where we help with new projects and lots of administrative stuff. The main goal is help to Fundacion Senara in creating new, better society and resolving problems of lack of education and job abbilities.

In the evening we work in “Clubs”. These are places where children go after school to study and on Fridays to play games and participate in different activities.

Main goal of our project inside of “Clubs” is interculturality and making spanish socitey, staring with kids and youths, more  mind open for other cultures and people with different background.

From Monday till Thursday, Marija has workshops in english with two groups-each group has 3o minutes of activity, right after studying time. This is not tipical english class, even though one of the goals is achieving better communicational english skills. Each month or each two months she has a differente culture topic. The objective is to get inside of each culture and try to meet girls with their tradition, language, food, values etc. To achieve that we are using lots of  handcrafts, games and videos so in that way we have an interactive activity.

In the same time Monika has very similar activities, with the same objectives, but in spanish and in another Club. With her good teaching and spanish skills she also helps in studying activities after school.

On Fridays we have more relaxing time with kids, so we prepare  games, sport activties or some roll play.

For further information about our project don’t hesitate to contact us.



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