Cercedilla – week of european volunteers!

Cathedral in SegoviaHello Madrid, we are back! After one great week with great people from all over the Europe we came back to our project and daily activities. It’s going to be hard to describe our new adventure in Spain but I’ll do my best. At the end of this training we’ve been asked to describe whole week in one sentence and now I will present it here: “After whole month of trying to adapt, learning how to live in a new country and new home, this week finally we had time to stop for a moment and to see where we are, what is objective of our volunteering, what are our “secret wishes” or plans and where we can give ourselves more… While writing this I realized that this was a week of growing up, week of new friendships, week of learning and becoming more open mind as a person. For first time in our lives we discovered what does it mean life learning process and we saw great fruits of it. Through activities each day we learned a lot about EVS, Spain, verbal and nonverbal communication, how to deal with problems and how to embrace them, how to grow up in a personal and professional way and lots of other things… Also we learned a lot through conversations with others, listening about their projects, their views on a life, discovering what does it mean “volunteering” for them and what objectives they have. We really enjoyed this week, we had a lots of fun and now we are getting back to our reality. With more strength and clear vision we are ready to say: “Let the games begin!”CercedillacerSegovia Presenting Croatia Secret friend IMG-20141013-WA0010 IMG-20141013-WA0001


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