EVS – “A great experience”

  • The project is coming to an end. What to you think about the last 9 months? How would you describe this experience?

Emanuela: This experience has been educational for me. The last 9 months have been really great. I will always remeber this as a nice period of my life especially for the people I´ve been surounded by.
Susi: The last 9 months have been a wonderful time for me. Living in another country is an adventure which makes you independent and gain a lot of new experience. I will never forget it.

  • What did you get and what did you give?

Emanuela: I learned about a new culture and I improved my langauge skills. In exchange I gave all of myself. I think I am an open-mined person, so I tried to learn as much as I could and to give to the others the same.
Susi: It was really interesting to learn about the spanish lifestyle; about the food, the timetable, the people and much more. Like Emanuela I also could improve my language skills which is great. In this 9 months I always tried to give me best, whether in the club or in the office, always supported by the great people around me.

  • Would you suggest to do an EVS? / Why?

Emanuela: I definetely would suggest to do an EVS because it is an ocasion you have once in life.  You will get the change to improve yourself in a multicultural context.
Susi: Nobody should miss the ocasion to do an EVS. It is a great opportunity to meet new people from all over europe, to learn a new language, to travel and to have an experience of life.

Parque Guell - Barcelona

Parque Guell – Barcelona


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